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Supplies list 2016

Supplies list 2016


 2016-2017 supply list 

Dear Hebrew School Students,

I am very excited to see all of you on the first day of Hebrew School, Sunday.  Below is a supply list, please ask your mom or dad to help you purchase the items below and remember to bring them with you to Hebrew School on the first day of school. Please note that many of your Hebrew School supplies listed below will remain in your Hebrew School cubby for the duration of the year.

JLE Hebrew School Supply List

1   1 marble notebook -  1 pack of washable markers -1 pack of crayons -  4 sharpened pencils -  1 pen  - 1 child friendly scissor  -  1 eraser -   1 closed sharpener   - 2 large glue sticks   - 1 Elmer’s glue (not a glue stick)  - 1 two pocket folder - 1 two inch binder with side pockets  -   1 pack plastic sheet covers -  1 backpack

If you brought home your reading book from last year so that you can practice over the summer, please return it to school on the first day of Hebrew school.

 Looking forward to a wonderful year together

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