Dear Friend,
It has been a hallowed tradition throughout the ages to recite the Kaddish on the Yahrtzeit of a loved one, and to link the day with charitable deeds in their name.
To facilitate this, our Shul at Lake Success Chabad will mark a Yahrtzeit with the recital of the Kaddish and by giving Tzedokah - charity, in the name of the departed.
We invite you to dedicate the day of the Yahrtzeit in their memory, by inscribing their name, in Hebrew and English, and the date of the Yahrtzeit, on a beautiful Memorial Board we have erected in the Shul. The memorial board has been generously sponsored by Rony & Sandy Elyahouzadeh in loving memory of their mother Homa Sara bat Moshe.
Each plaque has its own memorial lamp which will be lit and will continue burning the entire duration of the Yahrtzeit day, with the Kaddish being recited during Yizkor Memorial Services throughout the year. A reminder letter will be sent annually before the Yahrtzeit to help you commemorate the day of passing as well.
We offer you the opportunity of eternalizing the memory of your dearly departed, and at the same time, ensuring that all the hallowed customs and traditions that are associated with a Yahrtzeit are lovingly performed in true Jewish spirit.
We invite you to participate in the dedication of the Memorial Board the cost is  $770, and can be sent through the website by clicking here  or you can call 516 487 3343
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss other ways of memorializing and honoring your loved ones in a Jewishly befitting and meaningful way.