All children  are welcome to join

J.L.E. at Lake Success Chabad ,

for a fantastic, hands on, matzah baking experience!

Sunday, March 25th 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Passover will become more meaningful when children have a chance to dig into the dough as they:

Produce flour from wheat kernels, winnow, and separate the chaff from the grain.Collect the grain into a hand-driven wheat mill and grind it into flour.Knead, roll, and bake the dough into a handmade matzah in the required amount of time.

Delight in taking home their very own freshly baked matzah, in a “real bakery” atmosphere with even a baker's hat, a Passover experience mimicking the real thing!

*$10 per child before thursday the 22nd March - On thursday or later $15 at the door




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