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High Holiday Schedule 2020-5781




Rosh Hashana


Friday Evening Sep 18th - Rosh Hashana eve


6:45 pm Evening service


Saturday Morning, Sep 19th  – First Day Rosh Hashana

9:15 am Shacharit / Morning Service


Saturday Evening, Sep 19th– First Day Rosh Hashana

6:45 pm Evening service


Sunday morning, Sep 20th – Second Day Rosh Hashana

9:15 am Shacharit

11:00 am Shofar Blowing



Sunday Evening, Sep 20th– Second Day  Rosh Hashana

6:20 pm Evening service followed by Tashlich service





Sunday, Sep 27th - Yom Kippur Eve,

Yom Kippur begins: 6:25 pm


6:30 pm Kol Nidrei


Monday, Sep 28th  –Yom Kippur

           9:30 am Shacharit

11:30 am Yizkor

5:30 pm Mincha

6:30 pm Neilah

7:22 pm Final Shofar Blowing & Fast ends


Followed by Break-the-fast & light refreshments





Wednesday evening , October 8th - Sukkot Eve

6:15 pm Evening Services


Thursday, October 9 - Sukkot holiday

10:00 am Shacharit / Morning services

6:15 pm Evening Services

Friday , October 10th - 2nd day Sukkot holiday

10:00 am Shacharit / Morning services

Shabbat Sukkot

Friday night, October 10th - Shabbat Sukkot

10:00 am Evening services

Shabbat, October 11th – Shabbat/Sukkot

10:00 am Shacharit / Morning Service

6:00 pm Evening Services



Shmini Atzeret, Simchat Torah



Wednesday, October 15th – Hoshana Raba

6:00pm Evening Services



Thursday, October 16th – Shmini Atseret

10:00 am Shacharit

11:15am Yizkor


6:15pm Evening Services / Maariv

6:45pm Kiddush and Grand Hakafot

Join us for a great night of dancing with the Torah - a night you will long remember


Friday, October 17th – Simchat Torah


10:00 Shacharit

10:45am Kiddush & Hakafot

11:30am all Children get called to the Torah



Shabbat, October 18th – Shabbat Bereisht

10:00 am Shacharit / Morning Services