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Boys & Girls ages

From sweet honey cake for Rosh Hashana, sufganiyot/doughnuts for Chanukah, baking hamantashan for Purim, crunchy matzvah for Passover, and delicious cheese cake for Shavout… “kids in the kitchen” will enjoy a year full of cooking fun!

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Sunday, - Get ready for Rosh Hashana while learning to

bake and decorate delicious, sweet honey cake. Yum!

Sunday,  - Get ready for the Sukkot holiday while putting your

creative powers to work by making edible Sukkah huts!

Sunday,  - Shabbat Shalom Hey! Learn how to make and braid Challah

in honor of Shabbat!

Sunday,  - Chanukah is in the air! That means doughnuts! Decorate your very own doughnut and make some Chanukah chocolate treats!

Sunday,  - Tu Bshvat Food Carnival! Join the fun!

Sunday,  - Bake delicious 3 cornered cookie treats, hamantashan,

in time for the Purim Holiday!

Sunday,  - Roll, shape, prick and  bake your very own Matzah

in time for the Passover Holiday!

Sunday, - Just in time for Shavout join our

cheesecake bakeoff decorating contest! Fun! Fun! Fun!