Dear Friends,

Lake Success Chabad proudly serves our local community with loving kindness.

Please take a few min to help us GROW New year, New ideas!
This survey will give us a better idea of how we can serve you best. As you answer the following questions, please remember, we keep all replies confidential.

Look forward in growing together.
Thank you for your crucial input.  

Rabbi Dovid Ezagui


1) What do you enjoy most of Lake Success Chabad ?

A)  Friday Night Dinners B) Hebrew School C) Adult Education D) Warm Community atmosphere

    Other / Comments   


2) What type of adult education classes interest you

A)  Jewish History  B) Mysticism C) Talmud D) Hebrew Reading ?

  Other / Comments


3) Do you have a child or grandchild away at college? Let Lake Success Chabad invite your student to enjoy Shabbat dinner, meet new friends, and renew Jewish values on campus and make the connection for him. Please share their information and we will do the rest.



4) Lake Success Chabad , hosts social outreach and community service programs for teens, would you like you child to be involved ?

A)  Yes, I'd love that!  B) Our child is already involved in community service.         C) Dont have teens 

  Other / Comments


5) Do you have a parent or elderly relative in this or any other community who would welcome a visit from a Rabbi? Please list them below.

  Other / Comments


6) Do you have a mezuzah on the door of your home?

A)  No, Please contact me about getting one  B) Yes, I have a mezuzah and I would like someone to come and check it       C) No thank you

Other / Comments


7) Many people like to leave a gift to charity in their will. Would you consider leaving Lake Success Chabad in yours?

 A)  I have already included Lake Success Chabad in my will  B) I would definitely include Lake Success in my will C) I would like to speak to someone about including Lake Success Chabad in my will  D) I am not interested at this time.



8) Have you ever been to Israel? Would you be interested in joining Chabad on a community trip to Israel?

A) I have not been to Israel and I'm interested in joining a community trip. B) I have already been to Israel and I'm interested in joining a community C) I am not interested in a community trip to Israel at this time.

  Other / Comments


 9) How has Lake Success Chabad touched your life ?



10) What would you suggest we do to enhance the success of Lake Success Chabad?    


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Thank you for your feedback!!