J.L.E. Kids



Once a month “JLE KIDS” come together to focus on the importance of Jewish practices and  holiday celebrations through a series of creative and stimulating hands-on projects and events. Powerful lessons will be imbued through playing holiday games, exciting hands-on projects, and other interactive experiences! To get more info on each event  click here.
September 12, - Shofar Factory
“JLE Kids” will delight in making their very own shofar! Each child will get to cure, saw, drill, finish and shellac a ram's horn to create their genuine kosher Shofar. At the end of the workshop every child takes home his/her own Shofar. During this “hands-on” workshop the children will practice the traditional sequence of notes blown on Rosh Hashanah with their very own Shofar.
September 26,  - Sukkot Magic Show
Children will create their very own “Simchat Torah” flags and be entertained by the very talented Didi the Magician!
October 31, - Aleph Bet Cookies
JLE Kids will have a “crash course” & review of the Hebrew Alpha – Bet with exciting games & song.
The children will then be “mini bakers” for the day as they learn some baking tips while baking and decorating their very own yummy Aleph Bet cookies!
November  – Menorah Making
While learning about the story of Chanukah, each child will have the opportunity to design and decorate a beautiful Menorah to use on the Chanukah Holiday.
November  - Olive Oil Press
As a group of Maccabees, “JLE KIDS” will refine the olive oil needed for Menorah while they, pit fresh olives, squeeze them with a hand press, strain and then spin the extract in a centrifuge to separate the pure oil, & fashion a wick out of cotton for use with the oil when lighting the Menorah. Each child will then have the opportunity to take home their very own sample of freshly squeezed olive oil – JLE Kids style!
December  – “Chanukah Wonderland”
Kids will be delighted as they participate in this exciting Chanukah Wonderland Carnival! Games, carnival booths, Clowns, many Chanukah crafts, face painting, meet Judah the Macabee, latkas, doughnuts and yummy Chanukah treats!
Jan  – Havadallah Ceremony Workshop
Children will be delighted as they dip candle strings in hot bees’ wax and weave together the thin-waxed strings to create a traditional Havdalah candle.  They will  also make a fragrance holder for use in the Havdalah ceremony by pressing bits of clove spices into foam balls. The Havdalah (ceremony at the conclusion of Shabbat) is then demonstrated and reasons and customs are part of the discussion.  Each child will go home with their “child made” Havadalah candle, fragrance holder, and  a full-color laminated card of the Havdalah service.
March  – Pre Purim Movie & Crafts
“JLE KIDS” will star in our “Purim Movie” as each child takes on a character of the Purim story, making the Purim story come alive! Each child will then put their creative talents to work as they paint and design their own traditional Purim gragger.
April  – Matzah factory
Passover will become more meaningful when children have a chance to dig into the dough as they produce flour from wheat kernels, winnow, and separate the chaff from the grain, collect the grain into a hand-driven wheat mill and grind it into flour. Each child will then get to knead, roll, and bake the dough into a handmade matzah in the required amount of time.
Each child will take home their very own freshly baked matzah, in a “real bakery” atmosphere with even a baker's hat, a Passover experience mimicking the real thing.
June  – Torah Workshop
“JLE Kids” will turn into “scribes” for the day as they view the process of making a Torah scroll starting with the raw hide and continuing through tanning and sanding until the parchment is complete. Next, they will whittle the end of a goose quill to create the writing instrument. Each child will learn how to write their Hebrew name on a piece of parchment in the traditional Torah script and each participant takes home a scribes kit.